The origin of ECT
ECT prominent in the port for 50 years
May 3 1966
The beginning of a new era
ECT's most widely used invention across the globe
50 years of ECT, 50 years of social innovation
Hinterland Transport is in ECT's Genes
Already remarkable for over a quarter century

ECT at the forefront of container handling for 50 years

Leo Ruijs - Chief Executive Officer ECT

How ECT continues to develop our economy

Bart Kuipers - Erasmus University Rotterdam

Innovation will always continue

Paul van Bennekom

Towards the container handling of the future...

Jan Waas - Director Technology & Engineering ECT

Craftsmanship is mastery

Jasper Hooykaas - Director Operations & HR

The future is synchromodal

Director Marketing & Sales ECT and source of inspiration for synchromodal transport within the Dutch Top Sector Logistics

Cooperation is the key to success

Mr. Wim van der Leegte - CEO VDL Group

In 2016, ECT marks its 50th anniversary. A remarkable milestone: for ECT, for Rotterdam, for the container sector.

In 1966, we stood at the cradle of container handling in Rotterdam. Spearheaded by ECT, the character of the port and the global container industry has changed significantly over the following 50 years.

In 2016, this website takes you through this half a century of container history, shows you the present and looks to the future. ‘Connecting the Future’ is what has already been making ECT special for 50 years.

The container changed the world.
ECT changed the world of the container.



Mr. Wim van der Leegte - CEO VDL Group



01 January 2016

50th anniversary ECT

ECT celebrates its 50th anniversary! The container changed the world, ECT changed the world of the container. And with a view to the future ECT will continue to do so. 50 years ECT. Connecting the Future .


30 September 2015

Closure City Terminal

The CMA CGM Sambhar is the last deepsea ship to call at the ECT City Terminal in the Eemhaven. Capitalising on the ever-expanding increase in scale, ECT definitely relocates the remaining operations still taking place in the city to its two deepsea terminals at the Maasvlakte. After nearly 50 years, the ECT City Terminal - better known as the Home Terminal - closes its gates.

Departure last ship

Salute to the last ship

12 March 2015

Opening EGS office in Munich

 European Gateway Services (EGS) opens an office in Munich. This allows EGS to anticipate the wishes of the customer better and faster, among other reasons because knowledge of the local market is combined with knowledge of the processes in Rotterdam.



24 September 2014

ECT versus PoR

ECT and the Port of Rotterdam Authority end their long-running dispute over the expansion of capacity in the port of Rotterdam.

02 September 2014

150,000,000 TEU

ECT handles the 150 millionth TEU since its inception. This makes ECT the first container terminal operator in Europe to achieve this unique milestone.
“The milestone of 150 million TEU symbolises the power of teamwork: of our staff, who organise the unloading and loading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and of our customers, who have already been putting their confidence in ECT for almost 50 years now.”


Banner 150,000,000 TEU