ECT expands fixed windows pilot for inland shipping

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) is expanding the pilot with fixed windows for inland vessels with large call sizes. The pilot, which commenced in January of this year, has proven successful and ECT is now ready to embark on a next phase. In this next phase, the number of participants in the pilot will be expanded and further testing will take place on tighter and new rules.

The fixed windows are intended for barge operators who, independently or jointly, are able to directly call at one of the ECT terminals with large quantities of containers for discharging or loading. In this second phase, ECT wants to increase the number of participants – currently six – and further develop the rules governing fixed windows. The main focus will be to assess how well parties are able to comply with prior agreements over a longer period of time and the manner in which any deviations will be dealt with.

This second phase of the pilot will also focus on the question whether a more commercial relationship contributes to improving container transport via inland navigation. Ultimately, ECT aims to convert this fixed windows pilot into a premium service whereby fixed windows are allocated at a fixed fee.