European Gateway Services

Service provision for optimum transport

Through European Gateway Services, ECT offers shipping lines, forwarders, shippers and transport companies a comprehensive range of services for an optimum transport of containers between the deep-sea terminals in Rotterdam and the direct European hinterland.  After all, what primarily matters to companies is that cargo always efficiently gets to its final destination at the agreed-upon time and in a cost-effective manner. ECT makes this possible through a continuously expanding network of inland terminals which function as extended gates of the deep-sea terminals in the hinterland: fast, reliable, without administrative hassle and especially also sustainable.

Highly frequent barge and rail connections

European Gateway Services offers many advantages. The consolidation of cargo at ECT’s deep-sea terminals allows for highly frequent barge and rail connections to the inland terminals which are part of the European Gateway Services network. This enables customers to always opt for the most efficient and sustainable mode of transport to and from these logistics hotspots. Furthermore, European Gateway Services offers the customer various supplementary services, such as paperless transport and transport with a time guarantee.

Rapidly growing network

The network of European Gateway Services is continuously expanding. Besides the own inland terminals of ECT, more and more third parties are joining. In turn, all the participating inland terminals are also connected with other deep-sea and inland terminals. In this way, the open network rapidly increases in size. Click here to view all participating inland terminals.