Hutchison Ports ECT Delta

Key figures
Hutchison Ports ECT Delta

Total area 265 ha
Quay length 3.6 km
Water depth 16.65 m
  max. 17.5 m


ECT Delta Barge Feeder Terminal

Total area 7.5 ha
Quay length 0.8 km
Water depth 10.5 m


Hutchison Ports ECT Delta
Europaweg 875
Port number 8200
3199 LD Rotterdam (Maasvlakte)

P.O. Box 7385
3000 HJ Rotterdam

T (31-181) 27-8278
F (31-181) 27-8315



First port of call in Europe

At the Maasvlakte, directly on the North Sea, the largest ships can call at the ECT Delta terminal 24/7, fully laden and without tidal limitations or locks. The depth along the quay here is 16.65 metres. From the port entrance, ships can be safely moored within an hour. Many shipping lines - ECT handles all the major globally operating container shipping lines - therefore select the ECT Delta terminal as their first port of call in Europe. As a result, the ECT Delta terminal is also Europe’s leading feeder hub. Directly following upon the deep-sea traffic, feeders maintain highly frequent connections with more than a hundred other ports spread across the whole of Europe and North Africa.

Optimal efficiency

The ECT Delta terminal among other things is known for the fact that it was the first automated terminal in the world. The terminal still operates according to this efficient, state-of-the-art automated principle.  As its inventor / founder, ECT represents 45 years of innovative entrepreneurship. At the ECT Delta terminal, a fleet of 265 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) takes care of transporting the containers between quay and stack; in this storage area, all the work is carried out by almost 140 Automated Stacking Cranes (ASCs). The stack has 3250 connections for reefer containers. The company Delta Reefer Care sees to it that all these reefer containers are optimally handled 24/7. An advanced Process Control System is at the heart of the entire automated cluster.

European transport node

Directly following upon the deep-sea transport, the ECT Delta terminal is one of the most prominent hubs for European transport. Each week, the terminal complex is frequented by hundreds of feeders, rail and barge shuttles and approximately 20,000 trucks. Feeders and barges are handled at both the same deep-sea quays as the largest vessels and at the dedicated Delta Barge Feeder Terminal at the northernmost point of the Delta complex. Furthermore, barges can call at the separate barge terminal on the Hartelkanaal. In addition, the ECT Delta terminal has two own rail terminals, the Eastern Rail Terminal and the Rail Terminal West, which gives it direct access to the (inter)national rail network. Trucks are optimally handled at the ECT Delta terminal thanks to a far-reaching combination of automation and DIY actions on the part of visiting drivers. It goes without saying that the customers of the ECT Delta terminal can also benefit from ECT's European Gateway Services.