Fast Forward

Fast Foward

Fast Forward is ECT's customer relation magazine that appears three times a year. Every issue of the magazine is packed with information on present and future developments in the world of containers in general and at ECT in particular.



Fast Forward no. 63, Jubilee Edition 2016

  • Introduction Leo Ruijs: 50 Years of Connecting the Future
  • Special Painting to Maritime Museum
  • News in Brief
  • ECT's Beating Heart
  • Interview with Hutchison Ports' Directors Mr. Eric Ip and Mr. Clemence Cheng
  • 50 Years of ECT - A Brief Overview
  • Anything for the Customer; Five Insiders share their Customer Experiences
  • 50 Years of Social Innovation: People and Technology Hand in Hand
  • The Container changed the World... ECT changed the World of the Container
  • EGS further expands through Synchromodality
  • 'Eveything and Everyone connected'

Download Fast Forward no. 63 here

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