Together with logistics partners

Optimum flow

Feeder, rail, barge and road transport companies are essential logistics partners for ECT. They connect the deep-sea terminals with the European market. In close consultation with all these logistics partners, ECT ensures an optimum flow of containers and each week handles tens of thousands of trucks and hundreds of feeders, trains and barges. Electronic data exchange constitutes the essential basis for optimally preparing each call.

Smooth truck calls

ECT smoothly and safely handles all trucks at its terminals. To achieve this, transport companies have to properly pre-notify the calls of their drivers. Once at the terminal, a driver can next use his Cargo Card (a personal, smart identification card) to ensure a smooth terminal visit. At the Euromax Terminal Rotterdam, for example, a driver only needs to briefly exit his cabin for safety reasons when a container is discharged and/or loaded.

All attention for feeders

Basically, ECT handles feeders at the deep-sea quays where the cargo of the connecting deep-sea vessels is discharged and loaded. The feeder shipping companies report their visiting feeders to one central point within ECT. As a result, feeder ships can optimally be planned alongside the quays. At the ECT Delta Terminal, the Delta Barge Feeder Terminal furthermore offers additional capacity for the handling of feeders.

Special facilities for inland shipping

Whenever possible, ECT handles inland barges at the deep-sea quays where their cargo ‘belongs’. Special barge cranes make discharging and loading even more efficient here. Similar to the feeder sector, inland barge operators report the arrival of their vessels to one central point within ECT. This always allows for an optimum planning and positioning alongside the quays. At the ECT Delta Terminal, the Delta Barge Feeder Terminal and Hartelterminal furthermore offer additional capacity for the inland shipping sector.

Rail facilities

ECT owns and operates three rail terminals at the Maasvlakte for the efficient discharging and loading of shuttle trains. The Rail Terminal West, which has six tracks, and the Eastern Rail Terminal, which has four tracks, are both part of the ECT Delta Terminal. The Euromax Terminal Rotterdam has its own rail terminal with six tracks. ECT prepares all train calls in consultation with the rail operators to ensure the smooth and fast handling of containers.