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South Holland Landscape




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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

ECT is firmly rooted in society and is well aware of its social and societal responsibilities. ECT therefore contributes to social initiatives and charities in various ways.
Some of the organisations which ECT has affiliated itself with through sponsoring and/or donations are: nature preservation organisation 'Het Zuid-Hollands Landschap' (South Holland Landscape), IMC Weekend School, the annual charity relay race Roparun (specifically the team of the ECT Runners), the Sophia Children's Hospital and the Maritime Museum.

DeltaPort Donation Fund

In addition to these initiatives, ECT contributes to the DeltaPORT Donation Fund. The DeltaPORT Donation Fund is managed by a foundation of Deltalinqs and the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Through the fund, the port and industrial business community emphasises its social commitment. It does so by supporting non-profit organisations which are active in the fields of culture, well-being, sports and recreation in the direct vicinity of Rotterdam's port and industrial complex.