# 1 – building the future - Refurbishment AGV-area at ECT

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) is building the future. ECT aims at optimally anticipating the current and future expectations of our customers in terms of both the handling of ever-larger ships and the delivery of increasingly higher productivity levels.

Modernisation programme
To be able to meet these expectations a major modernisation programme is underway at the ECT Delta terminal. In recent years, new equipment has already been commissioned, new systems have been introduced and the organisation was further developed. The entire modernisation programme involves an investment of more than 300 million euros.

This programme also includes improving the infrastructure. The AGV-area of a part of the Southside of the ECT Delta terminal – the area between quay and stack - has been in non-stop operation for more than 20 years. Over the years, several repairs have been performed, the last of which took place last September. However, it recently became apparent that this is insufficient; a major refurbishment is inevitable in the short term and can no longer be postponed. The work will be performed partly in 2018 and partly in 2019.

In order to maintain sufficient capacity, it was decided to implement the renovation in three phases. Work will be performed during the following periods: March-June 2018 (phase 1), August-November 2018 (phase 2) and March-June 2019 (phase 3).

During the renovation periods each time a segment of about 500 metres of quay length will be renovated. This means that intensive use will have to be made of the ECT Delta terminal and the ECT Euromax terminal in order to handle the vessels (deepsea, feeder and barge). Accurate and efficient planning is required. This puts pressure on the deployment of people and resources, both on the water side and on the land side.

ECT will maintain sufficient capacity to handle deepsea ships, feeders and barges at her quays. However, in order to be able to achieve the required service levels in peak times as well a number of measures will be taken. These measures include:
- endeavouring to make optimum use of the available deepsea capacity in consultation with our deepsea customers;
- using both the Hartelhaven and the Delta Barge Feeder terminal for feeders and especially barges;
- deploying/hiring extra staff;
- using additional equipment for handling on both the water side and the land side.

In addition to this, ECT will also consult with feeder and barge operators to strike a good balance between the supply and demand of available capacity. With these measures, ECT expects to minimise the inconvenience for its customers as much as possible. During the renovation works, the current situation will be continuously monitored and, if necessary, additional measures will be taken.

We are building the future en will keep you informed among others via our weekly updates about the developments. Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact your regular contact person at ECT.