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All information about downloading and logging in

All information about downloading and logging in

A MyTerminal account is required for full use of the ECT app. MyTerminal is ECT's online platform with operational information. Below is a step-by-step plan on how to download the app, including requesting a MyTerminal account.

Step 1
Search for ‘ECT app’ in the App Store and Google Play and download the app. You now have access to ECT's news and service notifications.

Step 2
To also have access to Object and Container Status and the Traffic Indicator, log in with your MyTerminal account. ECT uses Secure Logistics, Microsoft and Google as a secure authentication system. More information about this can be found in our Help Center.

Step 3
No MyTerminal account yet? Then follow the registration steps in the app. Keep your company's Chamber of Commerce number at hand and register with a personal business e-mail address.

We advise truck drivers to create the MyTerminal account with the e-mail address that is also known by Secure Logistics. In this way, drivers can easily and securely log in to the app with their Secure Logistics identity.

Step 4
A Chamber of Commerce number can only be registered once and a MyTerminal Administrator (MTA) is assigned to each Chamber of Commerce number. The MTA is responsible for managing the company's relationship with ECT and is authorized to invite colleagues to MyTerminal

When you receive the message that your Chamber of Commerce number is already registered, please contact the MyTerminal Administrator of your company to be invited to MyTerminal. If you are not aware of who the MTA of your company is, please send an email to