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New order processing system

New order processing system

Since June, ECT has started the phased introduction of a new order processing system for the landside operations (truck, rail, barge). Such a process always raises questions; also in this case. ECT’s development team tries to answer these in direct consultation with our customers and stakeholders as quickly as possible.

Digital Services
The introduction of a new order processing system for the landside operation is part of the further digitization of ECT's services for its customers. We are convinced that we by delivering realtime information and up-to-date overviews to our customers, we can offer more transparent, better and safer services.The new system offers:

  • more possibilities to further increase the security level, if desired, for example by 2-factor authentication at the truck process;
  • automatic updates of bookings and releases, visible realtime via MyTerminal and E-services;
  • both internal and external a better insight into order processes via web screens;
  • realtime overviews and up-to-date information via MyTerminal and external platforms (eg Portbase / Nextlogic);
  • possibility to update booking information at container level; including reefer setting, out of gauge or IMO containers; 
  • release of empty containers on guideline.

As stated, the introduction will take place in phases per shippingline. However, since it concerns the landside operations, it also directly affects truck, barge and rail operators and logistics service providers. 
Below a number of frequently asked questions and answers. However you can always contact the ECT customer service desk, which can be reached at +31 (0)181-278088 or

Frequently asked questions

1.    Is it true that the E-Services 'Container Status Inland Carrier Export and Import' no longer properly function?
Due to the phased introduction of the new order processing system and the corresponding system adjustment, the information about bookings and releases only became available after the first pre-notification in the mentioned E-services. This is amended in the meanwhile. As a result, the E-services now show all the necessary information on time again. However these E-services will gradually be replaced by MyTerminal. This means that current E-Services will eventually be phased out. Of course, we will inform you about this.

2.    What alternatives does ECT offer for the mentioned E-services?
ECT has two options available.
a)    On  ECT’s new MyTerminal platform, the 'Container status' functionality offers real-time insight into the status of your container, including the required information. If you do not have a MyTerminal account yet, you can register at MyTerminal via This website provides more information about the registration process and further information/questions about MyTerminal.
b)    You can use the relevant functionality within Portbase MCA (Hinterland Container Notification). It has recently become possible for truck, rail and barge modalities to have access to the correct information via Portbase by means of a status request (COPINO-13).

Container Information
3.    My booking is not known. How did that happen?
If your booking is not known at MyTerminal or via Portbase, it may not have been processed yet by the shipping company. A booking must have been processed first by the shipping company, only then can the operator pre-notify. Please remember to use the correct shipping company code and the correct ISO SizeType when booking. You can request your booking information via MyTerminal or via Portbase.

Pre- notifications
4.    My pre-notification is rejected as a duplicate. How is this possible?
a)    Have you previously made a pre-notification. Check all data. Remove these, if applicable and submit a new pre-notification with the correct information. For the correct information, please contact the shippingline. As soon as the new pre-notification has been sent, you will receive a new feedback on the status.
b)    If you have not made a pre-notification for the container. Please contact the Portbase service desk.

5.    How can I see if my documents are linked?
In MyTerminal you can submit your containers at  “import/export”. You can see which document is known at the terminal via “Document Details”. Another option is to check this via E-services.

6.    How can I request an account on MyTerminal? 
You can request an account via the website