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ECT offers road transport more real-time information

ECT offers road transport more real-time information

ECT has expanded the ECT App with more real-time information about the handling of road transport. From today, drivers and planners can use the ECT App to request information on the level of busyness at the terminal. This makes it possible to more efficiently plan a visit to ECT.
The information that becomes available indicates the level of busyness and therefore the lead time at the ECT terminals, per location and per block group. Furthermore, a so-called dosing monitor will be made available that informs drivers when they can enter the terminal. To obtain this information, the user must register once via the ECT App.
The addition of these functionalities to the ECT App fits in with a broader programme that is aimed at further expanding ECT’s digital service provision. The ECT App can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and already offers (push) service messages, news and a new version of the object status with an improved search function.

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