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New Straddle Carriers for Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam

New Straddle Carriers for Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam

Rotterdam, August 18, 2021 – Ten new hybrid Straddle Carriers arrived today at the ECT Delta terminal (photo). Straddle Carriers are used at the terminal for handling road transport and for loading and unloading the multi-trailer systems, which are used for internal terminal transport. The new Straddle Carriers are part of an extensive investment program in the ECT Delta terminal.

In addition to the Straddle Carriers, 77 automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and 15 multi-trailer tractors (MTTs) have also been ordered. The first deliveries are expected this year. In addition to purchasing new equipment, ECT has also been busy recruiting 120 new operational employees since the beginning of this year. About half of the new employees have now joined ECT.

With this investment program, which also includes the further deepening of the Amazonehaven, the ECT Delta terminal will be further modernized in order to meet both the growing demand for handling capacity and to further increase the service level.

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