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Pre-announcement new ECT app

Pre-announcement new ECT app

Currently, ECT is in the process of developing a new app. By mid-November 2021, the new app will be available in the App store or Google Play, for iOS and Android.

It is not an update of the current version, but a completely new app. For this reason, the app must be downloaded again from the App Store or Google Play. The current app can be used until January 1, 2022, after which it will cease to exist. The new layout of the app is more user-friendly and more focused on the planning process and will provide more functionalities in the future

App functionalities
The new app offers the functionalities you are used to, such as news and service updates with current terminal information. The functionalities for planning container logistics also return, such as a crowd indicator per block group and the object status.

What is new, is that these last two functionalities are only accessible with a MyTerminal account.  We will tell you more about this in subsequent posts. Follow our regular channels for updates on the app.

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