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About us

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) is one of the leading and most advanced container terminal operators in Europe. The company handles a majority of the containers at the port of Rotterdam. ECT operates the ECT Delta terminal and the ECT Euromax terminal. Both situated at the Maasvlakte, directly on the North Sea.

From the very first container ship that visited Europe in 1966, so over 50 years,  ECT has been leading the way in container handling. Always looking and thinking ahead to allow its customers further growth. Both on the sea side and the landside, always with vision.

While others saw boundaries, ECT went beyond these boundaries and developed the Maasvlakte into the center of European container transhipment. ECT is also the pioneer in the field of automation. Already in 1993 ECT opened the first automated container terminal in the world, which was only imitated in the 21st century.

Innovation at ECT goes hand in hand with craftsmanship and experience. ECT's ambition is still to continuously lead the way in new developments that further improve service and performance. Everything with the customer centrally.


"The container changed the world.
ECT changed the world of the container."


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