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Deepsea & Feeder services

Deepsea & Feeder services

Fast, safe and efficient

Service first

The ECT Delta terminal and the ECT Euromax terminal are ready to serve shipping lines 24/7; service and safety always come first. In close cooperation with the customer, each ship is unloaded and loaded quickly and efficiently. ECT combines advanced automation with more than 50 years of professional know-how and experience.

All shipping lines can count on maximum attention at ECT’s terminals. Directly on the North Sea, ECT has 8 deepsea berths which can also accommodate the largest ships of 20,000+ TEU. They can moor here under all circumstances, without being impeded by tides or locks. Unloading and loading is usually done using six to eight cranes at the same time.

ECT is constantly investing in new equipment, systems, infrastructure and the continuous training of employees. More importantly, ECT strives for close consultation with the customer on matters such as windows, stowage and other necessary information. Thus, service and performance are constantly improved.


Many deepsea shipping lines choose Rotterdam as their first and/or last port of call in Europe. Consequently, ECT is also a prominent European feeder hub. The services of many feeder companies are directly geared to ECT’s deepsea traffic. All European coastal regions are served, often through multiple sailings per day. Thus, feedering from Rotterdam guarantees the fastest onward connections or, in the case of export, makes it possible to deliver cargo at the last moment.


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Feederconnections from ECT Rotterdam

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