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Rail Services

Rail Services

European starting point and terminus for rail transport

By means of three own rail terminals, ECT directly connects the deepsea traffic at the Maasvlakte with the rest of Europe by train. Combined, the rail terminals have 16 tracks; among other things, they constitute the starting point and terminus of the Betuwe Route. It takes trains two hours to travel from Rotterdam to Germany across this special dedicated freight railway line.

Railway operators are welcome at ECT day and night. Every week, the rail terminals serve as hubs for more than 100 shuttle trains bound for and hailing from all of Europe’s leading economic centres. For the weekly rail schedule click here.

Through European Gateway Services (EGS), ECT and its partners are also increasingly maintaining their own rail connections to and from a growing number of inland terminals in the hinterland.

Please check the document 'Information on rail related services' for more information about our rail services.

Rail connections from ECT into Europe
Rail connections from ECT Rotterdam into Europe

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