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Customer Service

Customer Service

Customers of ECT can contact our Customer Service Desk for operational questions. We have already answered the most frequently asked questions, for your convenience. Below you can find the questions and answers per category.

If your question is not listed, you can call or email the Customer Service Desk. The contact details are on the bottom of the page.

Container information

I have a question about the release of a container, what should I do?

Information related to container releases can be requested from the shipping line in question.

With whom can I request an interchange?

This information is only issued by the shipping line in question.

I would like information on the status of my container, where can I find this?

You can request your container status via our new online platform MyTerminal.  If you do not have access to MyTerminal yet, you can create an account here. 

I want to retrieve an empty container, but I have only been issued a release number. What should I do?

It is possible to collect empty containers with only a release number. There is no need for you to submit a pre-notification and you will be assisted at the service counter of the terminal in question. For special containers (such as tanks, flats etc.) you do always need a container number. 

The booking information for my export container is missing or incorrect, what should I do?

Information about export bookings can be requested on our new online platform MyTerminal. If you do not have access to MyTerminal yet, you can create an account here.  Other information/changes related to export bookings can be requested from the shipping line. 

How does the scanning process for my container work?

Please contact Customs with any questions you may have regarding the customs scan.


I want to pre-notify 4 or more flat containers for one single visit; is this possible and will the driver be able to perform this operation himself?

You cannot pre-notify more than 3 flat containers per visit. A pre-notification involving more than 3 containers will be handled via the manned service desk.
Flats can only be self-handled if they have loose positions on the chassis. If the flats are bundled / are in the same position, the driver will have to report to the counter.
The flats must all be pre-notified.

My pre-notification to Portbase has been rejected, what should I do?

Please contact the Service Desk of Portbase with these kinds of questions.

I have submitted a pre-notification in Portbase, but the container is not listed in the correct category (e.g. Transhipment instead of Import).

The pre-notification will change the container to the right category; no action is required on your part.

I would like to request an account with Portbase, what do I need to do?

Accounts are handled through the Portbase website.

Which ISO code should I use for my pre-notifications?

You can find this information via the website MyServices of ECT under Reference Code Lists - Sizetypes.

Truck (general)

My driver is stranded/has a problem at the terminal.

Please contact the Customer Service Desk.
Tel: +31 (0)181 27 8088.

When can I deliver a container for my export booking?

You can deliver your containers during the following time window:

- From 8 days prior to the ship’s arrival.

- Up to 24 hours prior to the ship’s arrival. 

There are no IMO stickers on the container, can these be purchased at ECT?

IMO stickers must be visible at all times (on all 4 sides of the container). As a stop-gap solution, IMO stickers can be purchased at security (5 euros per sticker and only payable by debit card).

Where can I apply for a Cargo Card?

You can request a Cargo Card via Secure Logistics.

Can my driver deliver/collect a container if he/she does not have a Cargo Card?

This is not possible; no exceptions are made in this respect.

Where can I have my Cargo Card activated?

You can do this via the Secure Logistics website.
After activation, the driver must go to building 5 of the ECT Delta terminal and have the card activated there for both the ECT Delta and the ECT Euromax.
NB. There is no possibility to activate cards at the ECT Euromax terminal.
NB. Cards for Hutchison Ports Delta 2 (former APM Terminal) cannot be activated with us.

My driver is carrying a container that is not intended for ECT; how does ECT handle this?

Upon arrival at the terminal, the driver must indicate that he or she has an ROT (Remain On Truck) container. A pre-notification is not mandatory for such containers (it is for RCI/ Remote Check-in though).

Is the terminal ever closed because of bad weather conditions?

ECT will communicate this via a general service message (link). These messages are available on the website, the MyTerminal platform and the ECT app.
You can download the app in the App store. Available for IOS and Android.

What are the opening hours of the service counters at the ECT Delta and ECT Euromax terminals?

The opening hours are:

The ECT Receptions desks are 24/7 opened.

During Christmas and New Years we have different opening times: 
Closed from 24/12 13:00 h till 26/12 07:15 h
Closed from 31/12 13:00 h till 01/01 15:15 h

Documentation (import/export)

Which document do I need to use for the import registration?

Please consult this document of the Customs. (please use 'Google Chrome' as your browser)

I have submitted a document to Portbase, but it is not visible on the ECT website. What should I do?

There may be several reasons why the document is not visible in our operational system:
1.The container number listed on the document is incorrect.
2.You do not have authorisation to register the document type in question
If the issue still persists after you have checked these possible reasons, please contact the Customer Service Desk +31 (0)181 - 278088.

I want to retrieve a container, but my document is not registered. What should I do?

You can have your document registered by ECT for a fee via the ECT website (link).

I want to hand in a container without documentation, is this possible?

Export and domestic containers can be submitted without documentation.

What are the license numbers of the ECT Delta terminal?

EORI number: NL810176312.  Public Customs Warehouse Type II: NLCW2NL000702-2020-ZPO68789. Area for temporary storage (containers) NLTSTNL000702-2020-QMI68638.

What are the license numbers of the ECT Euromax terminal?

EORI number: NL822506014.  Public Customs Warehouse Type II: NLCW2NL000702-2020-MZS68791. Area for temporary storage (containers) NLTSTNL000702-2020-KWD68513.


I have lost my login details or my account has been blocked. What should I do?

You can request a new password via the following link. In case you have forgotten you login name, please contact 


How can I contact ECT with questions about MyTerminal?

You can reach us on business days from 08:30 until 17:00 hours with questions pertaining to MyTerminal. Contact the MyTerminal team by sending an email to

Do I need an account?

Yes, all users need to register for a MyTerminal account, even if you already have an account for E-Services. 

How do I obtain a MyTerminal account?

In order to get access to MyTerminal we require you to create a MyTerminal account with a personal business email address. ECT uses Google, Microsoft and Secure Logistics as identity authenticators. Logging in via your IAMconnected account of Portbase will also be possible on the short term. You can find more instructions for registration at: and

How does ECT ensure that my data is stored safely?

Data security is always been important to ECT. We incorporate the latest security standards to ensure that your data is protected. We use a secure connection, where all data is encrypted and we have taken measures against data hacks. 

How is my personal information handled?

We only ask for personal details which are absolutely necessary for us to allow you to make use of the portal. You have the right to view, change or delete your personal information we have on file at all times. You can find more information in our privacy statement and ECP

Where can I find more information about MyTerminal?

You can find more information about MyTerminal on the MyTerminal website, FAQ and the YouTube playlist with instruction video’s

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