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Terminal services

Terminal services

Comprehensive range of additional services

In addition to unloading and loading containers, ECT offers a comprehensive range of additional services at the deepsea terminals.

Delta Reefer Care
Maasvlakte Transport
Special Cargo
Hazardous Cargo

Delta Reefer Care

Delta Reefer Care (DRC) bears responsibility for connecting and disconnecting all the reefer containers at ECT’s deepsea terminals. Maintenance, (emergency) repairs and other terminal-related services are also offered 24/7. DRC continuously monitors the status of the reefers and their cargo. Reports can be generated at any given time and, following consultation with the customer, action is immediately taken should any irregularities occur. Delta Reefer Care is a joint venture of ECT and reefer maintenance specialist Smith Holland.

More information is available at the website of Delta Reefer Care.

Maasvlakte Transport

Maasvlakte Transport specialises in the road haulage of containers at the Maasvlakte and its wider surroundings. 24/7, Maasvlakte Transport provides:

  • a streamlined logistics of containers between the various deepsea terminals and the facilities of Customs at the Maasvlakte;
  • the transport of reefer containers to inspection stations in cold storees, both in Rotterdam and beyond;
  • the just-in-time transport of containers from and to distribution centres in the port of Rotterdam, also outside of their regular opening hours.

More information is available at the website of Maasvlakte Transport.

Special cargo

Expertly unloading and loading non-containerised cargo carried aboard container ships is a field of specialisation in its own right. ECT's Special Cargo department has all the knowledge and experience to ensure a safe and efficient handling, irrespective of whether the 'special cargo' in question is long, wide and/or heavy. Every assignment is carefully prepared and then seamlessly incorporated in the regular quay operation. As a result, the ship always departs on time. Floating cranes provide extra support when needed.

Download the brochure here.

Hazardous cargo

The proper handling of containers with hazardous goods requires specialised knowledge. ECT has consolidated this knowledge for clients in a seperate Hazardous Cargo department. The employees are up-to-date with all the regulations, know how to deal with hazardous cargo and are trained in preventing and/or combating incidents.


The deepsea terminals of ECT have several ShoreTensions at their disposal to moor ships extra securely. As a result, a deepsea ship will hardly move back and forth in heavy weather or by passing ships. The ShoreTension puts constant tension on the hawsers. Waves. wind gusts, etc. are absorbed, causing the ship to 'bob along' in a controlled fashion. Thus, the ShoreTension prevents hawsers from snapping when exposed to strong forces.

More details are available at the website of ShoreTension or in the brochure.

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