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Coronavirus measures (2) - Information for our customers

Coronavirus measures (2) - Information for our customers

We would hereby like to inform you about the measures taken by ECT in relation to the Coronavirus. We have already been closely monitoring developments since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak and we have consistently taken appropriate measures. We adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM (Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and the Port Health Authority for this.

We have three objectives in this respect:

  • safeguarding the health of our employees (in the workplace);
  • ensuring business continuity at the terminals and within the EGS network;
  • continuously informing employees about the (precautionary) measures that need to be taken.

The first two objectives are briefly discussed below.

  • Safeguarding the health of our employees (in the workplace)

To prevent infection of employees in the workplace, we have implemented measures related to (business) visits to our terminals and to our own business trips. These are all adjourned, only if absolutely necessary for our primary process, approval may be given. Furthermore, guided tours of the terminals are not permitted. We adhere to the guidelines of the competent authorities and of the national government in this respect. We also follow these guidelines to prevent contamination risks for and by our employees. The measures are continuously adjusted as circumstances change.

  • Business continuity

In addition to the regular measures, we have implemented additional measures for business-critical functions to prevent simultaneous infection and to guarantee continuity. Among other things, this is done by preventing too many people from simultaneously congregating in the same place, by splitting departments, by having alternative workplaces available and as a precautionary measure employees with (minor) complaints are not employed temporarily.

In short, the situation is as follows:

  • the terminals are open and fully operational;
  • the terminals can be reached via your normal communication channels;
  • in case the circumstances alter, we will inform you accordingly.

We trust to have sufficiently informed you.

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam