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#2 - Building the Future - Refurbishment AGV-area - Phase 2

#2 - Building the Future - Refurbishment AGV-area - Phase 2

On March the 8th, Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) started the necessary refurbishment of the AGV area on the south side of the ECT Delta terminal.

At the end of July, after renovation works and testing, the first phase of the project will be delivered according to schedule. Also according to the planning, phase 2 starts on August the 1st. A segment of about 500 meters of quay length will be taken into refurbishment. This means that intensive use will have to be made of the ECT Delta terminal and the ECT Euromax terminal in order to handle the vessels (deepsea, feeder and barge). Accurate and efficient planning is required. This puts pressure on the deployment of people and resources, both on the water side and on the land side.

ECT will maintain sufficient capacity to handle deepsea ships, feeders and barges at her quays. However, in order to be able to achieve the required service levels in peak times as well a number of measures taken in the first phase will be continued. These measures include:
- endeavouring to make optimum use of the available capacity in consultation with our deepsea, feeder and barge customers;
- using both the Hartelhaven and the Delta Barge Feeder terminal for feeders and especially barges;
- deploying/hiring extra staff; in the meantime 100 new operational employees have been hired, largely trained and deployed. Extra holiday workers were also recruited;
- using additional equipment for handling on both the water side and the land side.

The experience we have gained during phase 1 will certainly help us to limit the inconvenience as much as possible. The current situation will be continuously monitored and, if necessary, additional measures will be taken.

We will keep you informed among others via our biweekly updates. Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact your regular contact person at ECT.

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