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Introduction new telephone exchange ECT

Introduction new telephone exchange ECT

As of the 1st of November 2021, we will be using a new telephone exchange. The installation of this new telephone exchange has provided us with the opportunity to implement a number of improvements.

Said improvements are based on the findings from various surveys conducted among our customers, in which ECT’s accessibility by phone was explicitly mentioned. We have tried to incorporate your suggestions into the improvements to the best of our ability. We hope this will further improve our accessibility and the service provision to our customers.

The implemented changes only relate to the accessibility by phone of the operational departments and the Gate Administration Desk (GAD). For the other departments, such as Commerce, Finance and Purchasing, the current numbers will remain unchanged. The same applies to European Gateway Services.

We would like to point out that the answer to many general and operational questions is also available at our website and/or through the ECT App. By consulting these channels first, you can avoid unnecessary phone calls.

The changes as of the 1st of November

1. The different customer groups will each receive their own number

a. ECT Delta terminal

Deepsea operators:+31 (0)181-278 274
Feeder operators:+31 (0)181-278 374
Barge operators:+31 (0)181-278 474
Rail operators:+31 (0)181-278 468
Truck operators:+31 (0)181-278 568


b. ECT Euromax terminal

Deepsea operators:+31 (0)181-377 110
Feeder operators:+31 (0)181-377 210
Barge operators:+31 (0)181-377 310
Rail operators:+31 (0)181-377 610
Truck operators:+31 (0)181-377 710


By allocating each customer group their own number, we expect to be able to quickly connect our various customers to the right department via a selection menu.

2. After dialling the new number, you will be prompted to select your language; if you do nothing, a Dutch-language menu will follow; press “9” for an English-language menu.

3. Next, you will be presented with several options in the selection menu. After you have made your choice, you will be transferred to the correct department.

4. In some cases, a second selection menu may follow.

5. If there is a queue for the number that you have been automatically forwarded to, you will be informed of the number of people that are ahead of you. If the queue is too long, you will be requested to call back at a different time.

6. If necessary, we can provide additional information in the form of a general statement, for instance about weather conditions, outages or others, when you call your customer number or when you make a specific choice in the selection menu.

We expect that with the introduction of the new telephone exchange, we will improve our service level. After the switch to the new telephone exchange, we will monitor the situation and make any further adjustments where necessary.

Both the telephone numbers listed above and other important telephone numbers are available at our website:

Please contact our Customer Service Desk should you have any questions: +31 (0)181 - 278 088.


Would you like to know more?


+31 (0)181 – 278278 or

Do you have operational questions? Contact / FAQ.