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Rotterdam Corridor: Reliable and fast handling with Fixed Windows

Rotterdam Corridor: Reliable and fast handling with Fixed Windows

For more than two years, Danser Group and European Gateway Services (EGS) have been connecting  both the ECT Euromax and ECT Delta terminal of Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam on the Maasvlakte with terminals and empty depots in the Waalhaven and Botlek area, including those of the Waalhaven Group and the Kramer Group. The Rotterdam Corridor has a fixed and very reliable (99%) timetable based on fixed windows at the ECT terminals. The Rotterdam Corridor also has fixed connections to RWG and APMT on the Maasvlakte. The Rotterdam Corridor currently offers 3 sailings per week, but the ambition is to grow to a doubling of the frequency to 6 sailings per week. This increases the capacity to 240,000 TEU on an annual basis. The Rotterdam Corridor removes 60,000 trucks from the road every year. This means an annual reduction of 3 tons of CO2.

The Rotterdam Corridor shows that it is possible to achieve successful barge transport at a relatively short distance (40 km). The connection is very suitable for parties who want reliable and fast handling at the Maasvlakte terminals.

Michel Bot of Danser Group indicates that by bundling containers, it is possible to sail with large volumes between the Maasvlakte terminals and the terminals in the Waalhaven and the Botlek area. Paul Zoeter of European Gateway Services, ECT's transport product, indicates that it is precisely these large volumes that are needed to get fixed windows at the deepsea terminals. This makes the supply chain more reliable and fewer disruptions occur in the total process. Michel de Jonge of Almatis: "The big advantage is the spread throughout the day, reliability when what will be delivered and the lack of waiting times." He advises as many shippers as possible to choose water instead of the road. “Join the efficient 'rounds' in the port of Rotterdam,” exclaims Willem Beskers of the Waalhaven Group.

Watch the video about the Rotterdam Corridor. 

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